Freedom Reigns Radio – January 27, 2013 with OPPT Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf


2 thoughts on “Freedom Reigns Radio – January 27, 2013 with OPPT Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf

  1. I will never understand all of the hesitation in telling the people a truth that will change our lives for the better.Why do you assume people will be afraid of these truths?? I learned of all this corruption five years ago and I can assure you I had a lot of feelings about it but “fear” was not one of them. You now have the solution in place and the only way to get “all” to be a part of it is to tell everyone the truth. You have no control over the outcome so please stop acting like the Cabal. It is one thing to be treated for years like we are a bunch of “idiots” by ignorant cruel greedy people. But to be treated the same way by people who know the truth and keeping it to themselves is only adding insult to injury. If you really want the problem to be solved. If you really want the changes to happen then stop “assuming” about people and just announce the truth to the world. You have stated that there is no point in one person taking action to go against the Cabal. I and many others know about all of this and have been listening to groups such as yours for a long time. So far you have managed to frustrate the people who “know” but can do nothing on their own. Those who do not know are starving, being murdered or suffering unnecessarily. Why? Because you spend your time telling people who “know” what to do a…. pointless piece of work since they can not act upon alone or lamenting that people won’t like the truth that don’t already “know.” I can only tell you this. I have yet to meet the man, woman or child if given the resources to do so who will not right a wrong. When enough people stop paying them and start caring for themselves with the means to do it the complications of the corrupt will disappear.

    • I understand your frustration. This is why this site was set up. We’re trying to get the truth out there. This group and this news is different than others before because the filings are allowing individual people to make changes in their lives. We have had people have their mortgages forgiven, their student loans forgiven, their credit card debt forgiven, etc. Changes are happening now. We are working on getting the info out to MSM however because most are st still cabal controlled, it is a difficult endeavour but we won’t give up! ~Amber ♥

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